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2:46am 06-02-2018
Looking good
2:50pm 05-29-2018
Well buddy it time
Guest book
2:36am 05-29-2018
love two
i stroke your shoulders with my tongue
scrape off your freckles with my teeth
my jaw buries my throat in your blood
and my lungs breath your soul and my
heart flutters out of my chest that opens
to touch you my insides churn to stroke you
my insides cry and rip themselves apart
just to think of your hands and legs and your eyes
resting in my lap and staining my skin with a lavender
that pours from your sockets and i breath like a frog
the love and joy that stirs in you
1:38am 05-29-2018
im still here
i ache for you
for your thighs
filleted raw
dribbles down
my chest and
curves my abdomen
your screams muffle
the ecstasy of your flesh
as it slides down my throat
and it glows inside me spreading
a fertile decay
i dance reclaiming the joy
i jiggle around the fire
my legs wrapped with tree-trunks and palm leaves
my hair frees in the smoke
the gods descend to earth
oh how your flesh honors the sun
as i suck you up inside me
as i become you
as i fuck your eye-socket with a sledge-hammer
as i cut your hand off with an axe and shove the stump up my ass
the blood lubricates and i writhe effortlessly on your arm
you feel my heart my lungs my spine
my stomach and the ache you feel the stable core
that dances and squirmed for your touch
you feel the release the pillaged orgasm
you feel your arm sink into it and your shoulder
your torso your head follow stretching my anus ripping it apart
your other arm your legs your feet the fissures and tears
rupture my flesh as my ecstatic divinity consumes you
1:16am 05-29-2018
the eternal sleeper
begs you enter the doorway
approach feeble one
sink deep
despair has come forward
joy so fleeting
death smiling embracing
step beyond child
1:08pm 05-27-2018
12:10pm 05-27-2018
Have Fun!
12:07pm 05-27-2018
This is just a test message.